Why should you hire a caterer?

We can plan and organise all the food aspects of your event including menu design, hiring of waiters, chefs and bartenders. If required, we can organise drinks, select the appropriate rental equipment from an extensive range of glasses and china… and most importantly… we clear up!

When should I meet with a Caterer?

6-9 months prior to a large event is ideal (especially if it falls in the spring/summer months). You will need to be assured to having plenty of time to get some glowing references, and have time for tastings with the family if the occasion is a wedding. Having said that, last minute arrangements, such as an engagement, or an unplanned event can also be catered for.  We are very mobile and always ready to cater for any event anywhere!!

How do I determine if we are the right caterer for your event?

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ needs and have a very strong knowledge of food trends and making food the standout aspect of any occasion. We promise to make you feel comfortable from the beginning and be sensitive to your desired outcomes, budget and style. We have a great record of strong working relationships with many well known event planners in Sydney who trust us with their clients’ needs.

What questions should I ask once I receive a written proposal?

Once you receive our proposal rest assured that there are no hidden costs that can arise other than the fluctuation of staffing costs with guest number changes. We try our best to stick to a realistic budget and can  adjust the menu choices to be able to work within your budget.

Why don’t you give prices over the phone?

We want to make sure you get an accurate price, and sometimes that is hard to do without a little research and figuring on our part. When you call us, we will ask you relevant questions that will help plan and price a menu. Then we can send you a proposal. We strive for a fast turn-around of a day or so.

How far in advance do I need to book an event?

As soon as your venue is selected and booked, we advise that you book a caterer to secure your spot and allow for maximum time to accommodate to your needs. This changes with the time of the year (weddings, Christmas parties, etc) as we are extremely busy at certain times of the year. So as not to be disappointed, it is best to book as soon as you know the date of your event.

How far in advance do you need to know the final numbers of the guests that will be attending my event?

We make an assumption regarding the number of guests when bookings are made. Unless there is a huge deviation that may affect staffing, we need to know minimal changes to number of guests 1 week to 10 days before your event. Five business days before the event this number will be reflected in the final invoice. Please note that we have strict guidelines regarding cancellations. Please click here to read our Terms and Conditions.


Forming a budget for your event is a crucial aspect in planning an event. In order for us to give you an estimate, you will need to decide on a realistic budget allocated to catering and service. There are a lot of things to consider: food selection, number of hours your event will run, staffing, bump-in challenges, equipment rentals and any other services that you may require. We will need to know the venue location and any commission fees that are applicable to that venue, as well as the estimated number of guests and type or theme of the event. An average cost of a cocktail reception will run from $50.00 per person to $100.00 per person. A sit down dinner can run $90.00 per person to $400.00 per person and a grazing menu can run about the same. The pricing is dependent on how elaborate you want your party to be.

Is there special pricing for children?

Usually there is special pricing on meals for children. This is highly dependent on the party set up. When children pricing is applicable, children under five eat for free and children 6 to 11 are charged between 60% – 75% of the menu price (subject to set up of event).

How many canapes do I need for each guest?

Timing is critical in calculating the number of canapes needed to serve. For a mid-afternoon cocktail reception lasting three hours plan on 6-8 pieces per person, plus some to which they can help themselves. One hour before dinner guests will probably nibble on 4 pieces. For a two-hour cocktail over the dinner hour it would be safer to serve 10 – 14 pieces per guest or consider a chef station or grazing table to satisfy larger appetites and to add another focal point to the reception.

What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery costs vary and are dependent on size of function and estimated length of bump in/ bump out. Additional charges apply for functions outside of Sydney.